Front-End Developer

Posted Sep 4, 2019
Project ID: UNEPJP00002294
4 months (Sep 11, 2019 - Dec 31, 2019)
40 hrs/week
Payrate range

° Create quality mockups and prototypes - consultant analyse anything beforehand to have a basis as to what needs to be created and with which quality level (story lines and wireframes, and have some interviews with the Product Owner). Consultant advise Uniper as to which mockups / prototypes best to be developed in this case
° Collaborate with back-end developers and web designers to design and implement user friendly web applications
° Get feedback from, and build solutions for, users and customers by weekly quality check in meetings with the Product Owner. Consultant will align with users & clients as to what solutions will be built
° Help back-end developers with coding and troubleshooting - steering the own workstream and monitor the quality of his own work
° Optimize applications for maximum speed - analyze the own work, after the initial MVP, and optimize the code for speed. Consultant align optimizations with Uniper only on the functional part (technically the consultant should provide guidance as to what is the best way)
° Define API requirements to PM and PO
- consultant conduct any trainings workshop with regard to application amendments, solution design (the target audience of such trainings are business owners and product owners and some users)
- document any changes in applications / implementation - used tools are Azure DevOps, Excel & MsWord

Consultant is able to decide independently within the scope of his assignment

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