IT Consultant

Posted Jan 5, 2024
Project ID: UNEPJP00006113
Düsseldorf, Remote
40 hrs/week
8 months
Starts: Feb 1, 2024
Ends: Sep 30, 2024
Payrate range

Task description - The scope of services includes the following tasks, which are performed independently:

- Professionally consult the application teams regarding the ramp-up of the Snyk platform in conjunction with Azure DevOps and GitHub Enterprise based on own knowledge and experience.

- Define and implement Uniper roles in Snyk according to Uniper standard roles. Requirements will be defined in the product backlog items by Uniper. The role implementation will be signed off by Uniper.

- Set up a central reporting in Snyk to provide a company-wide view on application development health.

- Develop Uniper specific security profiles in Veracode that serve as standard for Uniper development projects.

- Create Sharepoint articles for end users on how to use the Veracode platform and present this Sharepoint documentation to Uniper for a sign off.

- Independently provide professional consultation services via online calls and email to the application development teams regarding pipeline configuration, team setup, permission setup and source code setup in Azure DevOps and GitHub to use Veracode. Application development teams are the consumers of Hosting and Cloud Technologies (HaCT) development support team services.

Uniper provides all necessary information & access to the systems (ADO, ServiceNow) in advance:

1) Uniper KID: Uniper user account & password to connect to Uniper resources

2) Uniper mail account (marked as “external”) A new Uniper email address to communicate with Uniper stakeholders

3) Hosting and Cloud Technologies (HaCT) Operations DL & SNow group: User account will be added to Operations DL and ServiceNow HaCT resolver group

4) Uniper teams access: Access to all required Microsoft teams

5) Uniper RDA VDI: VDI to connect to Uniper network

6) Azure Portal Access: Access to azure resources

7) Azure DevOps access: Access to azure DevOps project, DevOps wiki (technical documentation)

8) Cloud services portal: Admin access to cloud services portal to manage app settings, configure self-service items

9) Access to on-premise wiki: wiki access to all required Hosting and Cloud Technologies (HaCT) documents

10) Access to ServiceNow: User account will be provided required role in Uniper ServiceNow environment

11) Access to Serviceshub: access will be provided to the workspaces in Microsoft serviceshub

12) CSA: access to manage subscriptions in private cloud

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