Legal Consulting

Posted Nov 26, 2020
Project ID: UNEPJP00003564
40 hrs/week
6 months
Starts: Jan 1, 2021
Ends: Jun 30, 2021
Payrate range

Task: The scope of services includes the following tasks, which are independently performed by the external consultant:

° Creation of FAQs for contracts with the strategic vendors published in the intranet community in order to achieve transparency - manage the most critical questions/ topic of the respective contract with the respective Contract & Vendor Manager and is therefore participating in the analysis what is relevant for the FAQs and what isnt. The respective Contract & Vendor Manager will provide most of it; questions and other feedback are also collected from various departments in the IT in order to create the most effective FAQs possible. The consultant will be involved in this process

° Realization of the technical FAQ solution for the implementation in the intranet community - the consultant will be involved in the technical solution supported by technical experts

° Consult contract managers by preparing 2019 contract negotiations with strategic vendors - the preparation includes the gathering of the demand and the strategy of the negotiation

° Design, review and maintain contract contents/documentations to control the compliance and milestone targets - consultant analyze the as is situation

° Review and analysis of contract status regarding negotiated milestones from external vendors - consult with regard to possible measures in case there are deviations to the contracts in terms of milestones and timelines

° Creation of surveys (content & technical solution) for the UNIPER organisation to gather the service satisfaction level - coordinate / organize respective communication, analyze & identify target audience

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