Posted Jan 15, 2020
Project ID: UNEPJP00002762
2 months (Jan 20, 2020 - Mar 31, 2020)
40 hrs/week
Payrate range

The Uniper Way Of Working 2020 program within Uniper IT has a requirement for an Agile Management Coach who will support the Digital Transformation team. The coach should be able to prove his knowledge and experience with appropriate certificates (e.g. Scrum or SAFe). The project will deliver an individual agile solution for Uniper IT. Besides the implementation and optimization of internal processes, the change towards an agile organization is closely linked to a change in corporate culture. The support of the Digital Transformation department therefore takes place on a team and strategic level and should have an effect on the entire LOB IT organization. The initial scope of the project is expected to run until 31.03.2020.


In order to achieve the goal of an agile organization within the framework of a training course, a variety of tasks must be designed, planned and controlled for Uniper. In this context the consultant will take care of the following tasks:

-   Develop an Agile Roadmap for the Way Of Working 2020 program
-   Identify & resolve planning inconsistencies, consult project managers accordingly
-   Ensure external reflection and critical appraisal within the first phase
-   Coordinate cross functionality between a number of involved Functions (i.e. OE, IT, Contract Management) and Project Managers
-   Provide consultancy for the Way Of Working 2020 team to adapt processes and methods
-   Define & align new processes together with related teams and functions
-   Coordinate & consult the use of new tools and technologies within the unit
-   Provide technical-methodological expertise in agile management and agile frameworks
-   Develop and communicate an agile mindset through the organization
-   Complete operative, agile roles with the appropriate tasks. Role can include Scrum Master, Kanban Coach, Change Agent, and more
-   Creation of documentation including presentations and processes: Evaluation and communication media

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