Networks Engineering Consultant

Posted Oct 13, 2021
Project ID: UNEPJP00004418
4 months
(Nov 1, 2021 - Feb 28, 2022)
40 hrs/week
Payrate range

Task description 


The scope of services includes the following tasks, which are performed independently:

  • Evaluate requirements & consumption of different business units by attending workshops with business representatives that will be conducted by the Project Manager.
  • Advise Uniper based on the evaluation and the information from the workshops.
  • Analyze the business requirements and identify gaps. Consult Uniper accordingly and create documentation with the results and proposed solutions in order to present it to Uniper for a sign off by the Head of Connectivity.
  • Implement key changes identified during workshops or project meetings to improve the user's experience of connectivity in the areas of WAN, SD-WAN, LAN and WLAN, Cloud networking (ER) following sign-off by the Head of Connectivity.
  • Implement key changes to the Uniper ZScaler platform identified during workshops or project meetings following sign-off by the Head of Connectivity.
  • Actively steer the implementation of the above mentioned key changes based on project plan by tracking activities and measures assigned to vendors (the goal is to improve network routing, diagnosis & resolution of issues causing IT incidents). Check if the documented changes *by the 3rd party supplier are in conformance with the Uniper Connectivity Strategy and if the required technical changes have been made; in the case of errors or missing changes, technically consult the supplier by attending meetings organised by the PM.
  • Consult and guide the vendors up until the implementation stage in order to realize the solutions to implement the identified improvements and project deliverables
  • Consult 3rd parties to analyse and improve network routing (via MS Teams)
  • Consult 3rd parties regarding the diagnosis and resolution of issues causing IT incidents (via MS Teams)
  • Consult stakeholders and other actors within projects which have several dependencies on other infrastructure components and applications. That includes the involvement in meetings organised by PMs to discuss any potential negative impacts and alternative methods to see if the requirements can be met using different technology.
  • Monitor the performance of Uniper's network with use of the Uniper Network Monitoring System. Register any problem and inform the connectivity team via a Teams channel, if it has not already been raised automatically by the network monitoring system. Advise Uniper about measures to improve performance (which the IT partner, DTBS implements).
  • Define the Connectivity Change Roadmap which shows all potential change/improvement milestones for the different services. Define it by consulting the technology partners and using Powerpoint.
  • Steer IT partners (DTBS, DXC and Microsoft) and Network Architects to implement the Connectivity Change Roadmap (includes SD-WAN adoption). Steer by checking if any planned changes by 3rd party suppliers are in line with the roadmap and will not cause any deviation or delays to project deliverables. Provide feedback based on knowledge regarding the Roadmap. 

Uniper provides all necessary information, access to the systems and requirements in advance.

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