Project Manager

Posted Dec 8, 2022
Project ID: UNEPJP00005377
40 hrs/week
1 year
Starts: Jan 1, 2023
Ends: Dec 31, 2023
Payrate range

Project description

The scope of this measure is to improve the current Algo Trading Application Management support together with the management of related small-size implementation tasks for projects (like ITSM modernisation project, S&T Disaster Recovery project, GetWell security initiative, EAM improvement initiatives) to execute the relevant ITSM processes moving from a traditional to a Digital DevOps based approach.

Until the end of 2023 application management for more than one Algo trading app should run in the future mode of operation.

Task description

  • Execute the current Algo Trading Application Management (ITSM) process in order to improve it. Implement these process improvements by executing the related small size project tasks.

  • Identify and maximize the synergies between stakeholders by documenting these for transparency.

  • Prepare decision-making documents for Uniper with proposals to improve the current Incident & Change Management process for Algo Trading applications with a transfer to DevOps process model in combination with ITSM.

  • In case of project-related decisions by Uniper during this transfer, prepare decision documents with the resulting potential solutions and improved process parts. Present the results to Uniper for a sign-off.

  • For the tasks out of the above-mentioned projects & initiatives develop and document a solution outline, create a timeline and implement them within related small-size projects.

  • Prepare and conduct weekly online workshops (1-2h hours per week in an approx. 2-10 person team) with the application team during the transfer during 2022 to the DevOps model / the improved processes.

  • Document task results in MS Office, upload it to dedicated AM sharepoints and/or dedicated tools so that then Uniper could sign-off the relevant documents.

Uniper will provide all necessary information (project and application documentation, business concepts, process documents), access to the systems (MS Office, Sharepoint, SNOW) and requirements in advance.

Key Skills

  • Strong expertise in ITIL best practice in the area of Digital Algorithmic trading applications within the Energy Trading area.

  • Expertise in particular for incident, change and service management in Azure cloud environments, also concerning security, DR, ICS and service enabling in a complex trading application landscape, is appreciated.

  • Expertise in Service Enabling and structuring of work (Work Breakdown Structure).

  • Strong communication & stakeholder management and MS Office skills.

  • Strong documentation skills concerning IT technical and functional topics, specifically in the energy trading area.

  • Good communication skills.

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