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Posted Aug 5, 2022
Project ID: UNEPJP00005116
5 months
(Aug 1, 2022 - Dec 31, 2022)
15 hrs/week
Payrate range
Application Deadline: Aug 1, 2022 12:00 AM
1. Project name:
Calvin ? Carbon Accounting Tool

2. Project description:
From end of July to the beginning of September 2021 Uniper Innovation developed 6 digital business models together with a corporate venture builder.
In the internal selection process, the idea of impact measurement as a first project was chosen.
Impact measurement software allows companies to determine the carbon footprint of their organization in order to optimize their operations towards sustainability. With rising regulatory pressure for big corporations to disclose their sustainability strategies also in regards to their suppliers, this will become increasingly important for SMEs to stay relevant as business partners for big customers.
In the conducted phase until the end of 2022, an extensive benchmarking with 28 companies along 14 criteria was conducted, the feasibility of the ideas were validated and a mock-up was created.
Based on the gathered insights Uniper wants to develop their idea further and create a running impact measurement tool for their customers.

The services mentioned in the task description will be provided within the framework of an agile development method.

Planned project duration (start/end date): August 2022 - December 2022

3. Background to the assignment:
The external consultant has a unique position compared to the client's internal project staff and provides significantly different services than the internal staff. Within the whole organization of Uniper this kind of know-how as a UX/UI writer is not available and in general a niche demand.

4. Detailed description of the agile method/services:
The services shall be provided within the framework of an agile development method. The concrete activities required in each case to implement the services commissioned shall be agreed iteratively between the parties within the framework of sprint meetings and implemented by the consultant within the respective sprints following the sprint meetings. Prior to each sprint meeting, the consultant shall independently check, on the basis of its professional expertise, which individual services are reasonable and feasible within the scope of the assignment in the respective sprint. The sprints each have a duration of 2 weeks, so that the sprint meetings take place at intervals of 2 weeks. Within the individual sprints, the contracting parties shall coordinate the respective technical requirements for the services to be provided in daily meetings in order to achieve the compatibility of the individual components of the software Calvin. The technical requirements for the services to be provided are assessed by the consultant on the basis of its own technical assessment. After completion of a Sprint, the Parties shall conduct a ?Sprint Review and Demo Session'' in which the consultant reports on the feasibility and status of the services performed by it in the previous Sprint and makes a recommendation on how to proceed with regard to the services that proved to be unfeasible in the respective Sprint. All of the meetings and exchanges described above shall take place exclusively in the presence of a central contact person named by Uniper, who shall coordinate the project on our internal side. The organisation and scheduling of the meetings described above in which the consultant is involved shall be organised and carried out by the consultant and coordinated with Uniper.
The consultant will have the role of UX/UI writer and will have an execution and not a planning / steering role.

5. Task description - The scope of services includes the following tasks, which are performed independently:

-    Based on existing brand and communication guidelines deliver UX/UI communication and continuously proofread elements in Figma during software development phase whereby Uniper Innovation will sign off all changes.
-    Develop Figma mock-ups for business ideas (provided by Uniper Innovation) which are close to carbon accounting
- Appear clearly as an external consultant of Uniper whenever interacting with external parties.

Project timeline and Way of Working:
-    Discuss the results directly with the client located in the Uniper Innovation Team. The client takes over further internal communication with wider Uniper stakeholders.
-    The proposals and any further exchange take place in online meetings (MS Teams) with Uniper. Uniper will give the final sign-off for the results. Intermediate results can be presented during the project period to the client: proposed improvements could be included in next intermediate results.
-    All above mentioned results: in industry-standard formats (MS PowerPoint, Word, Figma).

Uniper will provide all necessary information, deliverables until now (Market, Analysis, Brand Guide, Visual Identity, Mood Boards, Emotions Research, Customer Feedback) and access to the relevant SharePoints.

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