UIT - Project Management - Project Execution Consultant

Posted Aug 26, 2022
Project ID: UNEPJP00005157
4 months
(Sep 12, 2022 - Dec 31, 2022)
20 hrs/week
Payrate range
Application Deadline: Sep 12, 2022 12:00 AM
1. Project name: PKII+

2. Project description:
The project has the aim to remove the PKI token (used for singing, authentication and encryption) from Uniper. In order to achieve this the project needs to provide clear guidance to stakeholders and proper communication to end-users. As part of the replacement we need to manage technical dependencies, advertise existing replacing technologies and expand the capabilities for Adobe Sign. The project will support stakeholders to migrated their dependencies and solve them. Alongside with that we will develop and implement a long term archiving solution in order to stay compliant with regulatory requirements. To fulfill some remaining requirements we will implement also a small scale new PKI modern solution. Alongside the project implementation we will also continue to deliver smaller improvements to the PKI landscape until we can switch it off.

The services mentioned in the task description will be provided within the framework of an agile development method.

Planned project duration (start/end date): The initiative is a multiyear project spanning from 2021 to 2023.

3. Background to the assignment:
The external consultant has a unique position compared to the client's internal project staff and provides significantly different services than the internal staff. Uniper doesn't have any internal resources that can properly fulfill the tasks with the required skills.

4. Detailed description of the agile method/services:

The services shall be provided within the framework of an agile development method. The concrete activities required in each case to implement the services commissioned shall be agreed iteratively between the parties within the framework of sprint meetings and implemented by the consultant within the respective sprints following the sprint meetings. Prior to each sprint meeting, the consultant shall independently check, on the basis of its professional expertise, which individual services are reasonable and feasible within the scope of the assignment in the respective sprint. The sprints each have a duration of 2 weeks, so that the sprint meetings take place at intervals of every week. Within the individual sprints, the contracting parties shall coordinate the respective technical requirements for the services to be provided in weekly meetings in order to achieve the compatibility of the individual components of the Adobe Sign. The technical requirements for the services to be provided are assessed by the consultant on the basis of its own technical assessment. After completion of a Sprint, the Parties shall conduct a ?Sprint Review'' in which the consultant reports on the feasibility and status of the services performed by it in the previous Sprint and makes a recommendation on how to proceed with regard to the services that proved to be unfeasible in the respective Sprint. All of the meetings and exchanges described above shall take place exclusively in the presence of a central contact person named by Uniper, who shall coordinate the project on our internal side. The organisation and scheduling of the meetings described above in which the consultant is involved shall be organised and carried out by the consultant and coordinated with Uniper.

The consultant will take the role of the Product Owner

5. Task description - The scope of services includes the following tasks, which are performed independently:

? Managing the Signature workstream within the project which includes:
o Schedule planning with feedback data form project members
o Identifying & assess required work packages in order to have an overview of the workstream objectives
o Describe & assign tasks to the project team members. Uniper will provide an overview of the project team members
o Identify & assess on own feedback workstream related risks and present them to the project management team
o Track work packages against the plan and present deviations to the team and the project manager
o Provide a weekly workstream status report to the project management team
o Create a resource plan for upcoming tasks and regularly update it
?    For the workstream delivery, follow and adhere to all internal procedures and standards (Change Management, Service Enabling, FCRs/Automation, SNOW processes ?)
? Steer and consult the external Supplier Adobe Professional Support team (on Basis with feedback of team members and business stakeholders & own assessment of required input from previous points)
?    Setup a structure & plan to deliver the PDF Form migration for HR, Accounting and other stakeholders. Other Stakeholders are not yet identified. Major objective here is to provide a structure and later on also providing professional consultancy regarding the migration.
If this is setup, keep the structure & plan up to date and present deviations to the project manager
?    Providing a First Point of Contact for HR and Accounting for all project related questions in regards to electronic signature
?    Manage that all questions from Stakeholders get answered and distribute them towards IT Security, Legal, Data Protection and other stakeholders in order that they get answered
?    Identifying long term improvement opportunities for the Adobe Sign solution with feedback of the application owner and business owner
?    Create communication plans for end users in our organization and regularly communicate these (Based again on feedback from project team and demand from users). The communication has to be signed off before it gets sent out.
Specifically for the Signature Workstream this is the dedicated scope (in more detail compared to the overall project description):
? Steer that the PDF Form Migration takes place until end of 2022
? Enhancing Adobe Sign
? Implementing Bank ID & Intesi with advanced electronic signatures
? Enabling Adobe Sign for all users
? Rollout the solution with a proper training for all users (Inc. Training sessions, training material and distribution)
? Keeping key stakeholders close in order to reach user acceptance and satisfaction
? Implementing Office PlugIn?s
? Change user base from UPN to E-Mail address
? Implement the Adobe Sign SandBox
? Request GoLive approvals from IT Security, Works Council, Data Protection

Uniper provides all necessary information, access to the systems and requirements in advance.

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